Have You Written Your Life Purpose Statement?

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Have you written your life purpose statement

Sooner or later we all end up asking ourselves same universal questions: What is my life purpose? How can I know? Why am I here?

The best way to find out why you are here and what to do is by asking questions. It is just that simple. At some point in our life, we have stopped asking questions and started accepting everything for granted. Do you remember yourself at the early age? Do you see how little children continuously ask questions? They do not mind if questions are silly to you.  Well, you can apply the same methodology. If you want to get clear about your life purpose, you will need to ask sincere questions just like a child.

Without knowing your life purpose, your goals and action plans may not fulfill you. It is very disappointing when you climb on “life ladder” to achieve some goals, and afterward, do not feel fulfilled. After those experiences, you will seek another goal & desire, hoping this time will be better. Such a waste of energy and secure way for the never-ending tournament of yourself.

You can find your life purpose in 3 steps:

1 . Define your personal quality

Try to remember situations in your life when you did something (some work or service), and you were surprised by the positive feedback of people. In those situations you did something that’s natural to you, it was not hard but joyful and entertaining.  Those moments revealed your real talents. Look at those situations of pure & unexpected happiness to answer this question: What were my personal qualities used in those situations? e.g., determination, persistence, creativity honesty, humanity, business skills, courage, analytic skills, etc

2. Choose a way to express

In this step, you will find out what’s the best way to express your personal qualities.

Start with answering these questions:

 –>If you could choose the way to show your qualities which way would you choose?
Some people will find out they feel the best by sharing qualities with children, for others it will be office, some others will know they like to create antic stuff, etc.

–> How do you feel interacting with others and sharing those qualities?
e.g., easy, helpful, useful, just right, loved, creative, etc

–> How do you want to make other people feel about your work?
e.g., inspired, supported, loved, encouraged, etc.

3. Integrate

Combine parts above and make a statement.


My purpose is to use all of my knowledge in business in a creative way that will inspire and support people for their own achievements and life freedom.

Once you got your life purpose, write it down and put it in a visible place, or carry it in your wallet. If you want to do it properly, you will need to invest some time and search the answers within. This is not a one-minute exercise where everything will be clear. You can also help yourself by answering how looks your perfect day. Those answers will give you another perspective.  

There are many self-development tools which are created to help you clarify your propose like meditation or specific mind tools to discover subconscious blocks.  Once you define your life purpose, you will be able to use self-development tools more efficiently.

What can you do next?

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