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Forgiveness in businessWe often tend to exclude Universal and spiritual principles in the business or work, like those principles are not applicable to the business world. Well, it’s not like that. No matter what position you hold in corporate world Universal principles are part of every segment of our being, including business relationships as well. Forgiving in business is a part of your emotional intelligence, so it does not matter whether you are the politician, president of the state or CEO of some bank. Forgiving is your way to return to the present where everything good waits for your team, your company or family.

The act of forgiving is the quality of leaders. It is just enough to remember the famous act of forgiveness by Nelson Mandela. He had every justification in limited perception to feel anger, resentment, revenge.. but he decided to be in the present moment and use all the positive energy to create new history. And he did it.

Negative emotions like anger or blame are unproductive emotions that tie up energy for destroying rather than creating.  So even in business, you need to come from the place of love and forgiveness to be able to move and progress. Staying in the past and excepting the world to give you credit because others did not treat you right will only waste your valuable energy for creating what you want. So it is better to forgive your coworker or business partner and divorce yourself from anger, resentment, frustration, and any revenge to be truly successful. Forgiveness brings many benefits, so don’t miss an opportunity to:

Build your qualities

Once you decide to release negative emotions of anger and resentment, you will be able to let in self-confidence, creativity, perseverance and all other personal qualities for achieving wanting goals.

Learn from experience

Each experience should have lessons to learn, especially when you decide to forgive yourself or others. It’s the best time to reflect and ask yourself what lessons you needed to learn from that experience. Acting like that will keep you safe from repeating and attracting similar situations in future. It is a precious part of your growing process. Be grateful for it and move on.

Be an example of real leader

In the business world, true leaders know when they need to be brave, and forgiveness is certainly one of the acts of courage. To make things better you need to be better, and even more, you have to be. That’s the quality of leaders and successful businesses.  

But sometimes to forgive it’s easier to say than done. If you fight with yourself every time you think how you need to forgive yourself or others, then you need to involve self-development tools to help you release negative energy. It’s useful to use forgiveness affirmations, Emotional Freedom Techniques or mediations to help you go through the process.

One thing is true, forgiveness sets you up to high vibrational states and opens the door for healing and rebalancing. Use it to create the best version of yourself in business and all other areas of your life. 

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