Flower In The Mud

Message of lotus flower for youSelf-development journey is basically LIFE in all of its forms. Nothing in your life is unnecessary. Every situation- good or bad, every emotion, all the people, nature, technology are here to help you and direct you toward fulfilling your life purpose. There is no wrong way how you can accomplish your life purpose because life purpose has its higher good. So, even if you try to go shortcuts or cheat you will always be corrected by the Universal Laws because everything goes from inside out. Not the other way.

The same is with negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration or other. These are powerful energy emotions, and indeed, you need to find the way how to deal with them. The worst thing you can do is to ignore them and let them drag you into low vibrational states.

Emotions of fear, anger or frustration like every other positive emotion are not created and came into your consciousness from outside – in. You have created them inside, so you can choose to release negative emotions and start over again or transform them into something positive and beautiful like a lotus flower.  There is no wrong way. You decide what you are going to create and how to use it.

The story of beauty

When you look lotus flower, you probably admire how beautiful it is but do you know the story behind Lotus? Underneath the surface, the lotus is surrounded by mud, insects, and all kinds of dirty. Despite these conditions, the lotus flower maintains strength and makes its way to clearer surfaces. In the beginning, the lotus is just a stem with only a few leaves. But as time goes the stem continues to grow, and reach above the water, into the clean air leaving out dark and harsh conditions. Just after living and growing in a mud and all the dirty, lotus slowly opens to the sun, and it is ready to give the world all the beauty it has.

Your Life Lotus

Lotus flower has “hard life” to be what it is. What if Lotus had complained to the God/Creator/Universe and said: “I do not want to live in dirty conditions, I am the beautiful flower.” 

We, humans, do the same with our living conditions and negativity which we face in everyday life. Somehow in my understanding, I believe that Lotus had probably asked this question as we ask (or complain). However, I also believe he got his answer from God/Creator/Universe saying to Lotus:

Don’t worry, let me raise you up so you can make the Sun smile.”

So, if you choose to transform negative feelings into something beautiful you will need faith, courage, and a lot of self-work. First, take the time to know how to start and get to the surface with all these negative feelings inside of you. Be willing to ask some questions and have patience. In your meditative state, you will find out what questions to ask, and then you only need to listen. Answers will come. Maybe this can help you start your journey:

Ok, I will use you. How can YOU- anger/stress/fear/frustration, give me a hand? What do I need to learn from you? Speak to me. “

One thing is sure after you acquire all the wisdom you need to transform your negative feelings and align yourself with life purpose, definitely, you will make the Sun smile by all the beauty you will show to the world.

Your life is meant to be beautiful just like a lotus flower. Make it.

What can you do next?

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