Do You Trust Your Intuition?

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How to trust intuition.jDid you ever experience unwanted situations and afterward said something like: “I knew it was wrong .. if only I have listened myself”. In those moments you remember how an answer was there as clear signal what decision to make, but because of your lack of using intuition you have missed and ignored that voice or hunch.

Your intuition is real, and it speaks to you all the time, only you are not listening. 🙂 The subconscious mind will always provide you with the knowledge you need to move forward in the right direction. Once you learn, intuition is like using your other senses. By understanding your intuition’s voice, you can improve all areas of life, from relationships, to work, money, health, and others. If you wonder how you can increase your intuition, there is a way to develop awareness and increase intuition. It takes time like everything else, but once you start using self-development tools to enhance your intuition it will help you decrease negative statements ( I knew it ) 

Get to know your intuition

To be clear how intuition is communicating with you, start paying attention how you receive those messages. Your intuition might speak to you in different ways as a hunch, thought, or some changes in your body like you get chills, discomfort in your gut, a feeling of relief, or a strange taste in your mouth. As we are the all unique human beings, everyone needs to find its meaning. It is useful to remember the past “I knew it” situations and reconstruct what exactly you felt, sensed, in what conditions, etc. Also, intuition can be expressed as a deep sense of knowing and certainty, as well. 

Relax your mind

To be able to connect with yourself it is important to have time to relax. There are different meditation techniques you can choose, but it is a good start just to practice calming your mind, letting go of your thoughts, your “need” to analyze and try to know everything. Just relax. Intuition will connect you with your greater self, and increase awareness of the senses throughout you receive feelings, thoughts, emotions, words…

If you USE it, you will not LOSE it.

Once you develop positive daily rituals to use self-development tools your intuition will be stronger. Practice your intuition every time you need to make decisions, develop plans or resolve some problems. You can even challenge your mind to access your intuition by asking the question: “OK, what will my intuition tell me about this situation…?”. By the way, this is an auditory question ( A). Of course, you will choose and ask a question by your primary representative system. Read following sentences and choose the one which resonates the most with you. That is how you will identify your main representative system and the way you process information. Those models are the also the part of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Visual: “OK, what my intuition will see in this situation as the best solution?.”

Auditory: “Ok, what will my intuition tell me about the best solution…?”

Kinesthetic: “Ok, what will be my intuitive feeling about the best solution?.”

After you start developing and using the intuition, you will see significant benefits in improving the overall quality of your life. 

What can you do next?

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