Do You Really Think?

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Do you really thnikHave you ever consider what the difference between having a thought and thinking is? It seems like the same, but it is not. Just notice that little voice in your head, the one which talks all the time, and it seems you have no control over what it says? That little voice you notice is the interpretation of your thoughts, basically the functional equivalent of “having thoughts” and it is different from your “thinking,” which is an active and intentional process.

All of your thoughts and how they appear are part of your belief system and habitual states. If they appear in negative context, they reflect only your current environment, your state of mind and limiting beliefs about yourself and others.  If you mix this process with deliberate thinking and allow your thoughts to create your inner conversation then inevitably it will look like you are “thinking” but the result will be only an exhausting and stressful state.

Thinking is an active verb; it is an -ing word which is very different from having thought flow without intentional context.

Overcome Your Negativity and Take Action

If you are stuck with negative thoughts running in your mind, you will need to create “break states” to start “thinking ” process. Negative thoughts drain out your energy and keep you away from being in the present moment. You can acknowledge the negativity in situations around you, but you do not need to live them. One of the useful tactics for breaking the states and bringing back the awareness is “deep breath.” Just be aware of your breath. That is the moment when you stop the process of flying thoughts (your autopilot) and allow your deliberate thinking to take charge of the situation. You consciously decide to acknowledge negative thoughts and choose another way.

Busy your mind with affirmation thinking

Our mind is made for thinking and creating. If you do not give your mind the mission, the mind will use your current thoughts and beliefs to create situations that are not real and have nothing to do with your actual reality and whom you want to be. That is why having thoughts without conscious thinking creates stress and anxiety because it is out of the control.

Affirmations are used to bring you wanting states, in the form of transformed goal, or just intentional self-confident state. It needs to help your mind to be in a positive mode and feel good.

Change your focus on another “feeling- good things”

Once you decide to use intentional thinking you can stop all negative thoughts and choose to focus on other wanting things. The best way is to align your thinking action with physical activity and start doing some other good feeling things. For example, find your favorite motivation song, tell a joke, go for a walk, or do anything else that makes you feel good. It does not need to be day activity, just a little thing that will get you feeling good and move your focus from autopilot to deliberate thinking.

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