Do You Live Intentionally Or By Default?

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Do you live intentionally or by defaultWe often openly express how we are not satisfied with the way our life is going on, but a tiny percent of people are truly aware of 
how they live. Results you get are nothing more than a total of all youthoughts, actions and emotions in everyday life.

Let’s start with simple analysis and two important questions. Every day you wake up are you determined to do something different than the day before? Or you just start a day by default and end by default?

We live in the society that offers so much stimulation of thoughts, and if you do not pay attention what you want to create, it will be created for you by default. For example, in just one hour of exposure to media, there is a tremendous amount of information going into your mind, and it is no wonder that’s sometimes (or regularly) you feel overwhelmed.

Confusion of being overwhelmed comes when one negative thought attracts another, and all kinds of different ideas are coming to you at the same time. The result will be that in one moment you do not know what is right or wrong, in what direction to go, and that creates frustration and confusion. It is the way of creating without clear intention.

Creating and living your life with purpose means you decide in front how do you want to feel, and what thoughts you want to have. One helpful way to teach your subconscious mind to accept new behaviors is to practice daily self-awareness. Some question you can ask yourself are :

How do I want to feel today?

What thoughts do I want to have I my mind?

What kind of people do I want to meet?

How can I be more productive?

How can I create an amazing and joyful day?

What feelings do I need to release to feel better?


You can practice self-awareness questions at the beginning and the end of the day. These are the best moments to reflect and set intentions to create what you want. The most common situation most people experience at the beginning of self-development journey is that they have a real plan at the end of the day, but when they wake up, default program is in control. That is the easiest trap you can fall into if you take for granted power of the subconscious mind. To live your life intentionally, you need to pay attention to your first morning and evening thoughts. Do they have same intention? As you probably experienced you feel enthusiastic about doing something different and being better at the evening and when you wake up, you start with same old programs and rituals as all the days before. Who will win? Your positive evening intentions or your default morning program? Of course, your morning program. To make it work, all of your thoughts, emotions, and actions need to be synchronized and consciously repeated throughout the whole day. That means you plan in the evening and start with intention thoughts and feelings in the morning as well. It is mind workout. Just pay attention what your first-morning thought is. It will be clear when your thinking and actions conflict. In the morning, throughout the day, in the evening, check yourself to see are you on the right track. Be aware of your set intentions. Don’t blame Universe, destiny, outside circumstances for your situation. Everything starts with YOU and from YOU. And we want you to use self-development tools to make the best version of yourself, to live an intentional life and not by default. Start changing. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your thoughts throughout the day.
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4  SEE the message for you. 

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