Do You Live In Yesterday’s Memories?

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Do you live in yesterday's memories?Living in the past is passed,  whether it was good or bad. After all, it is was your unique experience and it will not happen anymore exactly as it was. Spending too much time dwelling on the past can make you lose direction of a present.

How to know you are spending too much time in the past?

Well, you can test it right now by asking yourself simple question: “What is happening right now? “

If you do not have a straight answer and need time to think what is happening in this present moment something is drawing your attention. It is good to ask yourself this question every day to keep you grounded.

Past moments are here to give you wisdom for living in the present and make the best of the future. Of course, it is entirely legitimate to feel something like: “This is so nice to hear, but what about situations when I lost my husband, wife, child, how can you just like that “forget” past?

You do not forget anything, you just integrate all past moments into your living experience, in the present- now and learn to deal with grief and loss. 

To help yourself living more in NOW, it is useful first to :

Write a story of your past

From this present moment- NOW, you can see the past more objectively. To make your mind think about the learning lessons from the past, you can write a story about it. Take your journal or piece of paper and write “The story of my past till yyyy.” Remember, you are the author but also the reader.

What message do you want your reader to hear, to see, or feel?

Story of your past must contain some necessary chapters like reflecting about all your valuable experiences, 

  • how you felt, 

  • what have you learned, 

  • what emotions have you encountered in the best and the hardest moments of your life, 

  • who were the important people in the past, 

  • whom do you need to set free, to forgive 

  • what ten powerful messages do you want others to take from the story of your past?

Once you have written your story, read it after few days. Be the best teacher to yourself because you can give authentic meaning.

Get on the road, set a course and go!

After you are aware of yesterday’s lessons, it is time to write a second sequel of you story called: “My goals, vision, and journey– story of having a great life.”

In this book, you are also the author and the reader. You can write about the experiences you want to live and give to the world, but don’t miss to write chapters about:

  • your gratitudes, 

  • what goals and dreams will make your soul smile, 

  • what are the things you do not want to have regrets for, 

  • how do you want to be remembered the most, 

  • who are your supporting people, 

  • how to deal when things go bad, 

  • what is the greatest motivation message you could give to your readers? 

Once you have finished the second sequel of your story, let the few days pass as well to allow emotions to settle down. After that from the present- now you will be able to see one projection of your future with all tips & tricks that can help you achieve it.

Your memories are important for the journey but only as a rear-view mirror. They are here to help you drive safe to the wanting destination. On that long journey you will face a lot of challenges and obstacles, but don’t worry. Use self-development tools to fuel your body, mind, and soul and continue, because future looks bright. You just need to start walking.

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