Do You Have Your ” Not-To-Do List” ?

Thank you for having 4 minutes to explore life – useful lessons. Read and breathe slowly. 

 Do you have your not-to do-list.It is nice to focus on positive things and progress, but real and sustainable success is possible by not making the same mistakes in the future. The most valuable lesson we should learn from successful people is what they do not do on a daily basis. To reach the greatest potential take the smarter way and eliminate routines that decrease your effectiveness and mental health. If you are conscious of what to avoid, it will automatically channel your energy into things that you want to do. Combine “not to do list” with your goals and dreams (to- do list) to become irresistible to success.

Make your own list or take something from proven “Not-To-Do.”

Trying to please everyone

Refuse to give your energy to energy drainers (complainers, problem-oriented people, ain’t it awful members, etc.). Be true to your values. Maybe some actions will disappoint others, but don’t bother; you cannot please everyone.

Resisting the change

Everything you resist it persists, so don’t worry that change will make things worse. If you resist, you will end up being frustrated. The world is always changing, and your way to success will be the ability to adapt and to be out of the comfort zone. Resisting the change is big not to do! Embrace and create positive change for yourself in every day.

Regret for the past

It is useful to learn from the past but constantly questioning your past choices or having regret for past decisions keeps you from both enjoying the present and missing the future opportunities.

Give up after their first failure

No matter how many failures you experienced, your only way is moving forward. Perseverance is your fuel to move you forward. Giving up is not an option for you. Focus on improving your skills and be willing to try again after you fail.

Waste time

Don’t waste your time on things that are not part of your vision. You control how you spend or invest your time. Be wise, organize and plan your schedule, don’t allow others to plan your day.

Negative daily vocabulary and inner conversation

Being in a victim mode will not help you achieve your goals. On the contrary, it will frustrate you if you do not change your perspective. Complaining and worrying do not solve problems; only decreases your energy. Pay high attention to your daily vocabulary as well as on your inner conversation, thoughts, and emotions.

Avoid expecting instant results

Once you start self-development, you will be in continuous self-work mode. It takes the time to build skills, to develop mental strength for success and remove limiting beliefs. Avoid poor thinking and expectations like “get rich quick,” because the right name for it is “ lose money quickly.”

Excuses for not doing daily positive routines

To see changes in your energy level, you need to have daily positive routines. The best combination is meditation, exercise, affirmations, self-development journal.

It is worth to take time and make properly “not to do list.” You can help yourself with questions like:

If I could do all the things all over again I would never…”

Moreover, you will get exact answers for “not to do list.” 

Maybe you will find first answer something like “I would never take for granted self-development tools.”

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