Do You Have Your Affirmation Vision Board?

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Do You Have Your Affirmation Vision BoardVision boards are just one powerful self-development tool that helps enhance your intention to get where you want to be. We call these mind tools vision board, dream board, or affirmation vision board. It is important to say that vision boards will not do a job instead of you. Please, do not mix these terms. There is so much wrong understanding about Law of Attraction and all self-development tools. These “tools” existed even before whole marketing exposure of “Secret” or other TV shows. If you remember, you have drawn as a child lots of things, you visualized them, made stories and dream, and at some point, you have stopped. Those who continued to think about their dreams and did necessary actions have succeeded. Maybe they have not realized the pattern and whole process but it is was common sense for them. Moreover, it really is. Law of Attraction is just common sense. The message is clear: apply it as it needs to be applied, don’t worry about the illusion of time and do your job. It is not a rocket science. Self-development is not some quick rich tool; it is ongoing work. Moreover, it is fun; it is a journey to become better and better each day. As you choose different vehicles to get from point A to point B in everyday life,  self-development tools are just that. They are different “vehicles” you decide to use to get where you want to be. One of those vehicles is affirmations and visualizations. 

But how to use them properly to work?

The technical part of creating your affirmation vision board or dream book is easy.

You can decide to make it your own or use great gift tools to start and then expand as you wish. 

There are steps to follow to use vision board properly and make the best of this tool. Here they are:

1. Find visual parts that best describes your dream goals and vision ( pictures from magazines, your drawings, personal photo.. etc.)

2. Describe your experience how you would feel accomplishing those goals. Combine positive expressions with pictures. That is how you help your mind to connect the image with emotion.

3. Look at your affirmation vision board and say at loud your affirmation. It is easy to learn how to make and use powerful affirmations. Those two parts will condition your mind to entirely different perspective. 

4. Have self-discipline and make this a part of your daily positive routine. Everything you repeat it becomes your habit. That is how it works. After all, that is how you can even distract yourself from negativity and focus your mind on where you want to be.

5. After you finish visualization exercise ask your self: What actions could I take today to get me closer to my goals?” Write them down in your journal. It is a critical step. Visualizations, affirmations and all other self-development tools are useless if you do not turn on the engine. So that is action, and it can be anything.  Nothing will fall from the sky; you will get to the sky. By moving.

5. Resolve limiting beliefs. Maybe you did everything right, made the vision boards, combine affirmations, and even did some action, but it still does not give you any results and makes you frustrated. Well, that is an alarm to check your beliefs and resolve emotional blocks. Making dream board and having doubts about making it really can be harmful. Please, pay attention to this because if you have any negative feelings or doubts watching your dream board and saying affirmations, it will create additional inner conflict. Indeed words and pictures will not win, your subconscious mind will win. Maybe you had the hard childhood and grew up with people who constantly said to you: you are nothing, you can’t-do it, you will be nobody, your destiny is to be poor, don’t fool your self …”. If this is true, stop using dream board and affirmations until you remove blocks and negative emotions that sabotage you. It is good to explore the meaning of negative emotions and release them. There are useful tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques that can help you.  Once you resolve your limiting beliefs, you can use affirmation vision board. Vision board needs to make you feel good and INSPIRED.

6. The last step, after finishing your daily positive routines with affirmation vision board is to ask yourself: How can I be better than yesterday ?. It is your declaration to focus your mind on bringing you to the success. And you start doing it. 

Easy? Hard? Start!

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your internal affirmations.
2. Read more how to create powerful affirmations.
3. See mind changing digital video affirmation boards.
4  SEE the message FOR YOU.

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