Do You Have Respect For Money?

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Do you have respect for moneyYour first association about this question probably would be: Sure, I do. What kind of question is this?”. Well, it is “normal” reaction, but stay with me for a moment. So many people have money struggles, and it is obvious that we are thinking and doing something wrong.

Although removing negative beliefs about money is the first step to building your financial abundance there a lot more questions and lesson to learn about money. One of the most valuable lessons you can learn is that MONEY LOVES RESPECT! If you can develop this kind of relationship with money, certainly your life would be much happier and joyful.

To help yourself to achieve those goals here are some good money habits to start with.

Be a wise manager

Managing money is a business for itself, and it seeks good manager to get results. After all, money is only a result of all your actions. Wise money manager sets financial goals for personal and business vision. Personal financial vision demands a great level of respect and good money management. If you wisely set your financial plans covering retirement fund, spending fund and so forth on, you will have quite less headache about money issues in the future. These funds need a good manager who knows how to utilize all resources to get more returns.

It is good to ask advice of financial consultants or coaches or even find quality books about financial freedom,  but at the beginning, if you have challenges with debts start with simple money management. You can exercise and show respect for the money with consistent good money habits as creating different “money funds” for spending, retirement, learning, giving, etc. Moreover, it does not matter the amount of money; it is a question of habit.

Along with practicing other self-development tools, you will shortly see great results. Self-discipline is the habit you will need to acquire by yourself. It is not a rocket science. You decide to start with building your wealth by building yourself.

Treat money with trust

Like in all other relationships you need have faith to grow and expand. Once you establish good money habits and learn how to manage money, to avoid selfsabotage, you will need to treat money with trust. As we said, money is the result of your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. If you have confidence in those three or better to say in yourself, no crises or circumstances could harm you because your relationship with money is strong and build on respect. So be aware of your thoughts and beliefs and set a course to the positive side.

Learn to be truly responsible

Sometimes can be confusing and you can find yourself in money problems just because you have mixed the meaning of “responsibility.” We all know the Universal truth: “You cannot give to others what you do not have.”  Well, it is often a trap for many people if they do not apply a simple rule that responsibility for others cannot exceed your own needs. Period. It is total disrespect for money and you. Putting yourself in debt because you feel responsible for others it is not the proper way to help anyone. It is a quite often example when parents end up in problems because they did not see the meaning of responsibility.

The same problems can arise if you have bad buying habits and you buy with no purpose. That is how you treat money with no respect. Everything needs to have its purpose. If you do not obey this Universal law, money issues will be your life subject.

Learn about financial independence

Being financially independent means to be free about your money needs. You do not need to have billions to be financially independent. There are many examples of people who have wealth, and they are still obsessed with losing the money.  That can be very frustrating, and it is the obvious example of self-sabotage. If you follow the rules of the wise money manager, master your mind to release negative beliefs about money, practice self-development tools, treat money with respect, financial independence will be a very achievable goal.

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