Do You Feel Suffer Or Pain?

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Do You Feel Suffer Or Pain?From the moment we are born one thing is inevitable, and that is the pain. Have you ever thought how human life could not exist if we could not handle the pain? Every child’s birth is sacred and happiest moment for mother and the whole family.  And it’s painful. It can sound cruel, but we could not live without pain.

Pain has a significant role in our life; it is here to warn us of the danger, to give us a new life, to protect us. It’s part of our nature, and it’s normal. Somehow we associate pain with something negative, but it is not like that. Pain is the transient state, and its only mission is to pass, not stay. If you hold and don’t release pain, it will transform into a negative feeling which is suffering.

Suffering, in general, affects the mind and body and creates imbalances in physical, emotional, and spiritual functioning. People who feel anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, guilt, depression, hopelessness or other are in the states of suffering. That is an unsolved and stuck pain in the human system. Our thoughts can make us miserable, and negative thinking can create enormous problems in our lives. These negative-thinking states are responsible for creating suffering.

So what’s the process? How do we end up in suffering? Negative self-talk is transformed into feelings that create states of suffering by increasing muscle tension and stress.  Then you receive pain signals and trigger new ones with every new negative thought. These endless cycles continue to create suffering states and make the persons’ state unbalanced. Suffering state stop when people become consciously aware of how they caused the state.  Or to be more precise, when they learn how to respond differently.

To be honest, this is not an easy process at the beginning. However, it is possible to learn. We need to understand programming in our mind and change perception how we think because that will change emotional responses and produce positive feelings. Of course, for any mental or psychological problem, you should ask professional medical help. Here we cover only a subject about self-development tools and how we process information.

To avoid suffering it is necessary to understand the difference between pain and suffering and learn how to release pain. There are many self-development tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Hypnosis & NLP, Meditations, other self-development programs to help you get the new perspective and release negative emotions. For understanding pain signals and what to do with them, it’s useful to:

Have positive daily rituals

Once you start training your body and mind with new positive habits, you will get clearer about intuition, meaning,  and how you can change perspective about pain.

Tune yourself to higher vibrational level

All negative self-talk and negative emotions are on the low vibrational level and tend to expand. Just like positive ones. Like, attract like. With practicing positive daily rituals, you will be able to tune yourself to the higher vibrational level and create positive experiences in your life.

Take and learn from painful experiences

Pain is here to pass, not stay, only if you take and learn the lessons. Yes, you cannot avoid being hurt or feeling bad, but you can avoid staying in those conditions. Every painful experience, physical or mental is only a pointer for what you need to change to be in the balance. Look!

Follow your bliss

People with clear goals and life purpose do not let pain to be transformed into suffering because they have a larger perspective. If you follow your bliss, nothing will be hard or painful. That’s the game of life. 

What can you do next?

1. Be AWARE of your self-talk.
2. Read more about the Emotional Freedom Techniques.
3. Watch the FREE Training How To Bounce Back Instantly.
4  SEE the message for you. 

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