Do You Break The Rules Of Attraction?

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Do you break the rules of attractionTalking about Law of Attraction is very interesting. Many people have different opinions. Those who did not instantly get what they wanted will say: “It is bullsh*t,” others will not even try to understand why it is not working for them.

Financial abundance is probably the number one reason why people become interested in the Law of Attraction and try to test it. It is normal because you need money for everything that money can bring into your life as a loving experience. Working hard hours for small paychecks is exhausting and brings so many negativity for many people. Law of Attraction works for every subject you want, including the money but only if you do not break the first and the most important rule and that is: Rule Of LOVE.

The first experience in practicing the Law of Attraction can be small miracles like unexpected checks, new job opportunities, etc. However, this is just a start; you can do many things to sabotage yourself. Everything you want, you attract by the force of love. Why? Because in the Universe everything is abundant. Lack, as we perceive, does not exist. That is the false premise we have for everything, including the most wanting subject of money. The basic rule of attraction is clear; you can have all you want as you let others have it as well. There is nothing to compete against, only to give and be love. Rule of Love is the core rule in applying Law of Attraction. 

But, you cannot apply it selectively!!!

Let’ say you started to practice Law of Attraction and you want to use it on your financial situation. So you start with expressing love to money, accepting in your mind everything good that you can do with money, practice daily affirmations and visualizations, and other. However,  at the same time, you break the law by being rough to your colleagues at work, with your children, on the street, etc.… Law of Attraction will not work in your wanting direction because you applied love selectively. You can’t-do that. The result will always be the lack of something. It is like you get something on one side and lose it on an another, so you always miss enjoying fullness.

Law of Attraction is not a fancy dress; it is the way of your transformed life. It is like Universe/ God / Infinite Intelligence said to us:

” Here’s the tool, experience the heaven. “

The only rule you need to follow is Rule of Love for you and others. So simple, and so hard.

You are not meant to be poor, to suffer, to struggle. These are all the results of lack of love.

The journey of self-development is WORK, a tough work of letting go of old beliefs, implementing new positive daily rituals, being grateful, giving up of all kinds of judgments and negative feelings, working on developing better personal and business skills and lot more. When LOVE is in all of your actions, everything is simple, easy and it comes effortlessly. That is how you apply Law of Attraction by default, create and live a loving life. Easy? 🙂

What can you do next?

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