Are You Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem?

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 Are you part of the problem or part of the solutionIn every moment you can choose what you are going to be, part of the problem or part of the solution. It is simple. Your attitude is your altitude. Can you, at this moment, without hesitation define what kind of person you are? Are you the person who inspires others by positivity, bright thoughts, creativity, solution-oriented attitude, caring actions or you are a complainer, with “ain’t it awful” attitude, always in problems, feeling stuck and can’t get the breakthrough? If you know the answer, you have a good start, no matter on what side you are. 

To be the and stay part of the solution you can:

Think before you act

No matter what challenge you are facing with, your approach needs to be “cold head” to make solution decisions. That takes changing focus on what can be done instead what it cannot.

Be aware of what’s going on

By the Laws of Universe, you create your day and attract situations in your life positively or negatively. If you, for example, start your day by thinking and saying: Oh.. what an awful day, nothing I do is right.“, Your thoughts and words will create a negative feeling and all that will become your point of attraction. The result will be the negative day because you approached with a negative attitude. In those cases, you are the part of the problem, so stop and notice what’s going on. The solution you seek is hiding in changing the focus and reaching for the best positive thought.

Apply powerful changing focus technique

Sometimes it is hard to react or act as we want because we are facing with lots of limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts. Once you decide to take your attitude to a higher level, you need to stay there. Every time you find yourself in challenging situations you can ask yourself:

What would person I want to become in 10 years from now do?”.

Can you imagine yourself the same as you are now? No, of course, not. You are smarter, more self-confident, more of everything in 10 years from now… Your mind can take advantage of your future skills in the present moment. For example, if you feel nervous in the morning and ask yourself this question, you will tune into better feeling emotions and change your day. It is a powerful technique for focus changing. The same approach you can apply to business challenges. The person you need to become in 10 years from now is already part of the solution, an answer to all of your “wanting.

Create your own positive daily rituals

The ones who decide to be the part of the solution are always in “action” mode. They know who they are, what their goals and life purpose are, how they can find inner peace and wisdom. To become the best version of yourself, it is necessary to discipline yourself and implement into daily activities as many as self-development tools you can (meditation, exercise, journaling, visualizations, affirmations, etc. ). Do your work, and everything else will follow you.

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