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Our habitual way of looking at life is by observing “what is ” and comparing the state of lack with wanting desires. By doing that we continue to feed negative emotions and develop states of frustration and anger. That is why so important to choose consciously different thoughts and feelings. Affirmations are every thought you think or speak, and they are the very powerful self-development tool. The only question is whether you use it to boost your success or your misery.

There are different ways how to create powerful affirmations or incantations. To have the positive effect they need to be part of your daily positive routines and verbalized with absolute certainty. Affirmations are not trivial. To make affirmations work, you need to engage your entire nervous system with all of your emotions and body force to set new belief system and behaviors that will be in alignment with your desires. 

Being successful is a way of life. Moreover, your daily routines define how much and how fast you will be able to achieve what you want. Certainly doing affirmations and incantations as your positive morning ritual will boost your way to success. But you need to do it properly and with pure intention. The best thing in self-development is that you cannot cheat and deceive your body. Even your muscles can speak about your true intentions.

Once you set powerful affirmation is good to check whether it resonates with your beliefs. Many times people say how affirmations do not work for them. That can be true if you do not pay attention to internal connections. Affirmations always work positively or negatively. So it is best before you start practicing affirmations to check how it corresponds with your belief and to resolve inner conflicts using emotional freedom technique or redefine language patterns used in affirmations. Here are few things to pay attention to:

Check your emotions after saying affirmation

The words you say must support your current belief. To be sure you are going in the right direction you can check every part of your affirmations by asking yourself: How this makes me feel?

Maybe you will find that even though you want more financial abundance in your life that thinking about money and not having it right now makes you frustrated. That will be normal because you approach from the state of lack and there is nothing romantic in that state. These are obvious examples of inner conflicts, and those states can be resolved by emotional freedom techniques. Just be aware how every word you use in affirmation sentence can be a trigger for some negative emotions. For example, think how you feel when you say: I want to have more money “ vs. “How can I have more money.” It is different, isn’t it?

Powerful affirmation leads to visualization

After few intentional repeating’s, you should be able to see in your mind the desired state. Allow your mind to see images of yourself and raise your level of self-confidence. Affirmations need to put a smile on your face, and if they do that, you are on the right track.

Do it every day

To make affirmations work, you will need time and consistency because it is part of your self-development journey and reprogramming mind for new prosperous beliefs.   A new set of positive thoughts will create the new habit, and that is how you build a foundation for achieving success effortlessly. Nowadays, you even have special computer software to make your affirmations habit more productive. 

If you want to be the best version of yourself, you will certainly need to use self-development tools. Be committed. 

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